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How to invite Rick Boggs to make a presentation at your event!

The most successful engagements have usually been planned in this way:

    1. Determine possible dates and times for the event.
    2. Call rick Boggs to confirm availability. (818) 882-7733
    3. Determine the budget for the program.
    4. Determine the provider of transportation and associated costs.
    5. Submit an email request to Rick Boggs (rick at RickBoggs.com) for a Spoken Presentation by Rick Boggs.

BOOKING Rick Boggs:
All requests for spoken presentations must be submitted in writing via FAX, email, or standard mail. Requests should include date and time scheduled. Please indicate whether your request will offer standard compensation or if you are requesting donated or reduced-fee services.

The standard price for presentations under 3 hours is $ 1,500.00. Nonprofit organizations, schools, and government agencies may be eligible for reduced fees or donated services. All compensation proposals will be considered according to date, time, and nature of the event.

The cost of transportation is not included in the above stated fee and transportation to and from the event MUST be provided in addition to any fees for service. A recommended, reliable, reasonably priced transportation service may be available upon request.

Payment of standard fees guarantees services. Donated services and reduced rate programs may be cancelled at any time. Requests for services which are approved and confirmed in writing may not be cancelled less than 7 days prior to the scheduled engagement.

Rick Boggs
9250 Reseda Blvd #107
Northridge, CA 91324
(818) 882-7733

You may request Rick Boggs' for your event by email:

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