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What kind of programs are available?

Inspirational Programs
These presentations motivate audiences to make the most of their personal and professional lives. Dreams, goals, solutions, teamwork, and the importance of attitude are common themes.
Some program titles in this category are:

  • Turning Adversity into Advantage
  • The Real Difference Between Fortunate and Unfortunate
  • Diversity As A Strength

Disability Awareness Programs
These programs discuss a variety of specific issues concerning people with disabilities. Common images of the disabled, rights and responsibilities, careers, accessibility, and practical relationship building are common themes. Topics such as: guide dogs and mobility, assistive technology and computers, adjustments for daily living, and self employment are also available.
Some program titles in this category are:

  • Images of Disability in the Media: Who Shapes Them?
  • Politics and Culture of Disability
  • Removing the employment Handicap
  • Guide Dog Tales: What These Doggies Really Do

    Careers in The Arts:
    These programs offer a fresh, insightful, and practical perspective on the arts and business. Rick Boggs' observations and experience as a working actor in the Screen Actor's Guild, an AFTRA voice-over artist, professional musician in AFM, radio show host, audio production engineer, and entrepreneur shed new light on the potential of creative energy in the life of artistic individuals. Mr. Boggs is an advocate for the inclusion of music and arts experiences as a basic element of youth education. Some specific topics include: developing a career in the entertainment industry, media relations, and the artistic urge--hobby or business.

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