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Rick Boggs' musical pursuits are widely varied. He is a singer, a songwriter, and a competent player of the piano, guitar, drums and saxophone. His award winning songs for young performers have included a tribute to Martin Luther King entitled: "Free At Last", as well as a collaboration with David Paul Briant commissioned by First Lady Hillary Clinton in 1997 entitled "Listen To The Children". His instrumental compositions have been licensed for use in sports highlight tv productions, instructional and industrial videos, as well as radio commercial jingles.Rick Boggs is a member of AFM (the American Federation of Musicians), and he and his music publishing company, Sound Adventures, are affiliated with BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.).

Rick Boggs is also an experienced professional sound engineer and audio producer. In the early 1990's he was one of just a few blind musicians to researche and develop methods by which a blind engineer can use computers to access music recording software and produce professional quality recordings. Working closely with J. L. Cooper Electronics (www.jlcooper.com), E-Magic (www.emagic.de), and DigiDesign (www.digidesign.com), Mr. Boggs determined that blind individuals could gain employment as audio engineers, given proper training and a particular configuration of pro audio recording hardware and software. Rick himself received a grant from the California State Department of Rehabilitation and The Braille Institute of America to purchase such a system for his own digital audio production business. He now assists other blind individuals in learning the skills and acquiring the necessary system to work in this field.

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