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This, my first painting in the year 2000, is also my first painting to receive an award! "Beyond The Challenge" was inspired by The Walter Knott Service Awards Art Competition in Newport Beach in February 2000. Thanks to the support and efforts of Goodwill Industries of Orange County, artists with disabilities have a prestigious event each year in which to enter visual artwork. This painting, named after the theme of the competition in 2000, received a second place prize.

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People ask how I actually go about doing it. I paint by visualizing a picture in my mind and measuring out distances on the page with my hands. I sometimes let paint dry so that I can feel the lines I have drawn before I continue with the brush. I am able to keep my pans of water colors in the same order so I know which is which. I prefer to have an assistant with me when I can. That person can let me know if the brush has no remaining paint, if the water is too saturated, or where my brush last left the page. I can and do paint alone sometimes, but not as efficiently.

Yes, when I could see, painting was my favorite pastime. I was only five years old, but I really loved it. After losing my sight, I stopped doing it. That seemed like the natural thing to do. Then, a radio show host in Hollywood challenged me to start painting again. I have been painting ever since. Now, to have my work recognized in this way--what a dream come true!

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