the collection
The Collection
Having vision until the age of five gave me the chance to discover my passion for painting. When asked by my kindergarten teacher to paint my favorite thing, I painted a picture of myself flying a kite in the house with the air conditioner on. That was a big hit. Unfortunately, I no longer have that painting. Here are some samples from one of my newer collections:
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This is my first painting as an adult. I revealed it on the air in my second radio interview with Joe Sutton. It is an attempt at surrealism. I use images like a gun, a tank, fire, an evil face, a man, a heart, a dollar sign, a woman's figure, etc. to make a point that FAITH is a battle of courage, following one's heart against all odds.


This is my first award winning painting. It placed second in the February 2000 Walter Knott Service Awards Art Competition. The title emerged from the theme of the competition. I accepted the challenge of depicting the theme "Beyond The Challenge" as it pertains to people with disabilities. The idea reflects my most comfortable genre showing various images outside their usual perspective and context. Here I placed images representing a variety of disabilities in outerspace along side shooting stars and beams of light from distant stars. Also, the wheelchair, the cane, the guide dog, and the hand signing are each adorned with wings. It is my first painting on a black background. The piece points to the future when people with disabilities commonly participate everywhere with equal freedom, opportunity, and dignity.


This is as close as I get to attempting a true perspective. A ship follows a fiery light in the sky away from an island which is home to a giant transmitter tower. It is very much inspired by the Apostle Paul's words about death being the beginning of a journey.


Yes, dedicated to Joe Sutton who drives my favorite style of car. The title also reflects my appreciation for the many great musical works by Frank Zappa.

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