Rick Boggs: Actor

Rick Boggs' acting career began in 1987 with a small part on a prime time CBS series called, "The Wizard." His first role in a short film, "Follow My Leader", resulted in a Hollywood agent offering representation. From there, Rick appeared on a couple of children's shows then headed for the stage to perform a lead role. The 1990's brought great success in tv commercials beginning with a spot for Liberty Bank and included an extensive campaign with AirTouch Cellular, now known as Verizon Wireless. Since that time, Mr. Boggs acting work has included appearances in prime time comedy and drama such as "Veronica's Closet", "The Net", and "Allie McBeal". He also periodically appeared as a guest on "The X Show", sharing his broad, professional knowledge of audio sound systems. He also appeared in a 2003 TV ad for Charbroil BBQ's. Rick is currently very active in efforts to increase opportunities for performers with disabilities in the entertainment industry.

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